What’s The Plan


This week was about strategy and tactics. Sounds very C-E-O, but it isn’t. It’s about knowing why you are participating in social media for your business, how you are going to do it and how to justify it to accounting. We learned about monitoring, responding, researching various social media and it’s relation to what a business is creating. As well as goal setting. What was interesting to me was that there are online tools for all of this. As well as tools for measuring. Yes, you can actually measure the performance of a website. This is good because it allows a business to determine if what they are spending on it, whether too much or too little. A company should monitor their website but also outside sources like Facebook, Twitter, review sites and forums. This will give a better picture of how the brand is doing outside of the company’s website. All very interesting stuff. A little intimidating at first glance, but the tools available make it super easy.